FORTUNE in the Year of the Pig 2019 was a Philadelphia-based publication project conceived by Andrienne Palchick, Heidi Ratanavanich, and Connie Yu; and assembled by and for queer Asian publics. Each of 13 monthly issues joined letterpress and risograph printing, featured multiple contributors, and was released through community gatherings of varied scale. FORTUNE in the Year of the Rat 2020 looks forward to hosting archival inquiries, print-based skillshares, more public collaborations, and many meals with you. We think of printing and self-publishing as a practice of process-oriented learning, and as a means of gathering, remembering, history-making. As such, FORTUNE will always be a public project, tended to collectively.


Philadelphia Packaging Company

The Philadelphia Packaging Company is a diverse group of creative engineers, researchers, artists, and designers based in Philadelphia, PA. We believe that packaging is both a technology and an art that, if thoughtfully engaged, can minimize waste/loss and celebrate meaningful objects. We favor an aesthetic philosophy and a value system in which all objects, large or small, expensive or cheap, are of real value.

We are currently working on The Phonebook (forthcoming September 2020).


Makers Residency at The Wing On Wo Project

The W.O.W Makers Residency was a 3-month-long opportunity during which I refurbished 50+-year-old shipping crate wood into a functional object for Chinatown residents. Using my design for a modular shelf-to-table, I taught woodworking workshops to Chinatown Youth Initiative participants, and helped set up the W.O.W woodshop. To conclude the residency, I created a risographed zine booklet of the design and collaboration process, as well as writing and photographs from participants. The zine and final wood objects were presented at a final showcase in the gift shop, in October 2019.

provisional island

provisional island's work seeks to create an archeology of the present, to examine and disinter a way of life unraveling, a civilization falling apart. Through this exploration, we hope to revive old technologies and forgotten stories, to find new ways of living together. A collaboration with Michael McCanne and Eileen Shumate.


an electric kite

wood, plexiglass, electronic components, clear plastic radio, book, audio transmission (33:08)
eastern state penitentiary


traces and technē

installation with plaster casts and projected video, kimchi in plexiglass box with off-gas system, risograph prints in gallon bags, seedlings in concrete tray, cider carboy with off-gas system high tide gallery


pallets & palates: placing taste, sound and sight

In collaboration with Eileen Shumate
at Asian Arts Initiative
Winter 2015